Monday, October 18, 2004

George W. Bush vs John F. Kerry

To start off this little blurb let me give you some background on my political upbringing. I was born in to a family with a strong pro union and Democrat foundation. My Grandfather was the boss for the Machinist Union and my father followed in his foot steps. I was brought up to believe that Democrats were for the small guy and that Republicans were out to get us. This being said as I got older, got married, and started a family I realized that all I had heard when I was young was not true. Fast forward to today I look at the candidates in real, simple, and honest terms. At the end of the day when Kerry loses the election I believe in his eyes life is over. This has been his life long dream and every move he has made was in preparation for this White House run. Contrast this to our President. His life was not lived with the Presidency as the goal. In fact if you look at his background it appears all his action were that of a man just living a real life. He's had alot of ups and a whole lot of downs. I Believe judging from everything I have read about the man, it makes no difference whether he leaves the White House this year or at the end of his 2nd term. He will be happy just to go back to his ranch in Crawford with his wife, and sip a tall glass of lemonade on a rocking chair on the front porch with thoughts of grandchildren playing in front of him in the yard. It's that calm, humble, and devout demeanor that wins my vote. GW truly is the epitome of a president who is looking out for the little guy.

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