Monday, June 28, 2004

It's not always easy

I know it's a very open statement but it does have a purpose. Today I want to talk about my favorite subject, PRAYER. This is a word/idea/concept that causes great confusion in most people. When in reality it has such a simple meaning and purpose.

1. Prayer is the best way to thank God for all of the wonderfull blessings he gives us.

2. It also can serve as a way to calm us(It's really hard to talk to God in a snotty pissed of tone).

3. It's part of the Torah that we as Judeo Christrians should live by.

4. Only through faith filled prayer will you ever be able to receive the blessings of having them answered.

Now pay attention boys and girls this one is the most important.
5. It's not how you do it or what you say. You just need to do it in faith.

Alot of people pray all the time and never realize that you have to have FAITH that your prayers will be answered and be open to Gods response in whatever form it may come in.

Kidnapping a Marine?

Below is an email I received from one of my buddies in the Sniper Corp.

To the terrorists currently operating in Iraq,

I see that you have captured a U. S. Marine, and that you plan to cut off his head if your demands are not met. Big mistake. Before you carry out your threat I suggest you read up on Marine Corps history. The Japanese tried the same thing on Makin Island and in a few other places during World War Two, and came to regret it. Go ahead and read about what then happened to the mighty Imperial Army on Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. They paid full price for what they did, and you will too.

You look at America and you see a soft target, and to a large extent you are right. Our country is filled with a lot of spoiled people who drive BMWs, sip decaf lattes and watch ridiculous reality TV shows. They are for the most part decent, hard working citizens, but they are soft. When you cut off Nick Berg's head those people gasped, and you got the media coverage you sought, and then those people went back to their lives. This time it is different. We also have a warrior culture in this country, and they are called Marines. It is a brotherhood forged in the fire of many wars, and the bond between us is stronger than blood. While it is true that this country has produced nitwits like Michael Moore, Howard Dean and Jane Fonda who can be easily manipulated by your gruesome tactics, we have also produced men like Jason Dunham, Brian Chontosh and Joseph Perez. If you don't recognize those names you should. They are all Marines who distinguished themselves fighting to liberate Iraq, and there will be many more just like them coming for you.

Before the current politically correct climate enveloped our culture one of the recruiting slogans of our band of brothers was The Marine Corps Builds Men. You will soon find out just how true that is. You, on the other hand, are nothing but a bunch of women. If you were men you would show your faces, and take us on in a fair fight. Instead, you are cowards who hide behind masks and decapitate helpless victims. If you truly represented the interest of the Iraqi people you would not be ambushing those who come to your country to repair your power plants, or sabotage the oil pipelines which fuel the Iraqi economy. Your agenda is hate, plain and simple.

When you raise that sword over your head I want you to remember one thing. Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun is not alone as he kneels before you. Every Marine who has ever worn the uniform is there with him, and when you strike him you are striking all of us. If you think the Marines were tough on you when they were cleaning out Fallujah a few weeks ago you haven't seen anything yet. If you want to know what it feels like to have the Wrath of God called down upon you then go ahead and do it. We are not Turkish truck drivers, or Pakistani laborers, or independent contractors hoping to find work in your country. We are the United States Marines, and we will be coming for you.

A letter from Iraq

Recently at my daughters 8th birthday party, the flaming liberal husband of my wife's sister commented on how he doesn't understand how soldiers like LT. Ronald Spears of Easy Company 506th PIR 101st Airborne (as portrayed by Matthew Settle in the HBO Series Band Of Bothers) could be willing to do all of the almost super human feats they are famous for. To me the answer was easy. These men had a sense of responsibility to protect and defend their country that is just not shared by today's modern liberal. I also could have pointed out that most of them had a deep rooted faith in God and knew deep in their hearts that if it was there time to die, it was by the will of god that it happened. But of course this would have been useless to say due to the fact he is also an atheist. So in closing I have attached an excerpt of a letter from a Marine stationed in Iraq that pretty much summarizes how our modern day hero's are doing the job of protecting our freedoms

You can spot a good Sergeant a mile away. And the very good ones have a way of owning the ground that they are on to the point where you are conscious that unless you are in their direct chain of command, you are trespassing when you are near their Marines.

In this war, the Sergeants are making decisions every day that have strategic implications and they are making them under the worst conditions imaginable. The thing about these guys, is that if you tried to give them a break or reduce their responsibility, they would quickly tell you that they would rather have more responsibility and are quite sure that given the opportunity and one more machine gun, they could do more.

I want to close by sharing with you that the coalition put a real hurt on the terrorists and criminals this week. I know it is horrifying to see the hostages killed on television but without being able to go into detail, the coalition has compromised and successfully attacked a number of senior terrorists this past week. While this is going on, the men are training new Iraqi soldiers and police officers and continuing to reach out to the people. The young Marines that are doing the work over here are committed young men who believe that they were doing the right thing. There were losses that are tragic. Losing Marines is a profoundly personal thing to their buddies and fellow Marines. However, I have yet to see the young men's will waiver. They just continue to go out their every day and do their job. Like I said before, it is humbling be around them.

Click the link below to read the full letter.
The Green Side

Friday, June 25, 2004

Insurgents seek Saddam's WMD

I thought the Demoncrats said there were no WMD's

The head of the CIA weapons team in Iraq says insurgents are seeking chemical arms left over from the Saddam Hussein regime to use against coalition troops.

Charles Deulfer said in a television interview his inspectors have discovered as many as a dozen chemical-filled bombs, the Washington Times reported.

Click the link below to read the entire article.
WorldNetDaily: Insurgents seek
Saddam's WMD

Thursday, June 24, 2004

You know your film is crap when......

Ok here is a Turkish Muslim teacher who has penned and excellent editorial about the new Moore film.

He was lauded with a 20-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. A.O. Scott of the New York Times calls his movie a passionate expression of outraged patriotism. At the June showing of Fahrenheit 911 before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science in Los Angeles, he received a standing ovation of over a minute.

And Michael Moore's most recent work spits in the face of my dead countrymen.

As yet another innocent person has their head severed by Islamic extremists, Moore apparently glosses over the fact that democracy, in general and America, specifically is under attack. I am innately aware that Michael Moore is first and foremost a provocateur, and he thrives on controversy.

Click on the link below to read the rest of the article.
'Hatriotism' & Michael Moore: Turkish Muslim says 'Fahrenheit 911' wrong on liberation of Iraq

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Disney giving away Bible study guides

This is an encouraging article.
Walt Disney Pictures is giving away free Bible study guides as a way to promote a new documentary that tells heartrending stories of several Americans across the nation. A movie one noted entertainment critic says could spark a new era of films honoring traditional values.
Click on the link to read the full story Disney giving away Bible study guides

This should be a non issue

I can't believe there is even any debate over this.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on a bill today that would allow police to carry concealed weapons when off-duty outside their home jurisdictions and across state lines.

Click in the link to read the full story Bill lets cops carry guns away from home

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Well what can I say about this film. It is a blatant political piece from the environmental hippie left, from it's proclaiming of the virtues of the Kyoto Accord, to the main character's daily driver car being a hybrid. That being said, The movie on a pure entertainment platform is actually enjoyable. Like I stated TDAT is loaded with environmentalists propaganda but if you can look past this the movie is a great way to kill sometime. The production value is very high. The CG affects used were incredible. The only real flaws were the part with the wolves(It almost felt like they were put in as filler), and the character development was rushed. The producers also cast the white house staff as a caricature of our current administration. This I feel took away some of the valid info that we are heading in to another ice age. But the reasons they give for the freezing leaves out the fact the this happens every 10,000 years on this planet and there is nothing we can do to delay or stop it. One bright note to the film is that it further deepened my resolve to eventually move to Texas. This state was one of the safe points in the country according to the film. One other really nice thing is that the film makers didn't fill the dialog up with a ton of profanity. In fact I am having a hard time remembering any place where there was profane language. This is definitely not a film for the whole family, simply because the subject matter might freak out younger kids. But all in all I can recommend it to everyone.

Ok I'm back

Darn I have been lazy. Well actually I have been pretty busy. I Finally got dunked and confirmed so now I have "Grade A" official status as a church member. Nothing has really changed that much though. I still pray the same amount of times weekly, and they still get answered(I must be spoiled or something). The people who liked and didn't like me before still feel the same way they have for the 10 months I've been attending. So basically the only thing that is different is that tonight I have a meeting with the bishop and he will probably hit me up for a calling. I definitely need to lay down the rules on that subject. I will only take a leadership or higher teaching position. My time is too important to waste on anything else and the ward calling enforcer/intimidator already knows he has no power over me. This may sound heartless, but the scriptures constantly teach us that we must make sure things in our own house are in order before we go out and try to help out the world.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Somebody turn up the flames down in Hell

This is starting to get ridiculous. Doesn't the Episcopal Church understand the pandoras box they are opening? See the attached article if you have the stomach for it Yahoo! News - Liturgy for Gay Marriages Developed in Vt..

More updates

In the face of what happened to Paul Johnson(see the attached link DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2002?) today. I felt compeled to add another blog to my BLOGS I READ section. I find myself going to Jihad Watch on a more frequent basis. It is a great resource of info on what is becoming a more accepted form of Islam.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Kerry quote of the day.

John Kerry again showed his true colors when he was interviewed while waiting in traffic to view Ronald Reagans body at the Presidential Library in Simi Valley.

This moment in Simi Valley is a moment of truth, Kerry said. Not just for my campaign, but for the future of my party as well. For some of us, this may be our only chance to confirm the demise of the man who is solely responsible for turning the American people away from liberal philosophy. As Democrats, we need to put small differences aside and be certain that this man is truly gone. Next, we must reclaim our country from the church-goers, the middle America folks and the uneducated conservative masses.

Update: This is from the site material is of a satirical nature. Although to me it does sound like something he would say.

UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after

I wonder when Dan Rather was going to report this?

Friday, June 11, 2004
The United Nations has determined that Saddam Hussein shipped weapons of mass destruction components as well as medium-range ballistic missiles before, during and after the U.S.-led war against Iraq in 2003.

The UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission briefed the Security Council on new findings that could help trace the whereabouts of Saddam's missile and WMD program.

The briefing contained satellite photographs that demonstrated the speed with which Saddam dismantled his missile and WMD sites before and during the war. Council members were shown photographs of a ballistic missile site outside Baghdad in May 2003, and then saw a satellite image of the same location in February 2004, in which facilities had disappeared.

UNMOVIC acting executive chairman Demetrius Perricos told the council on June 9 that "the only controls at the borders are for the weight of the scrap metal, and to check whether there are any explosive or radioactive materials within the scrap," Middle East Newsline reported.
"It's being exported," Perricos said after the briefing. "It's being traded out. And there is a large variety of scrap metal from very new to very old, and slowly, it seems the country is depleted of metal."

"The removal of these materials from Iraq raises concerns with regard to proliferation risks," Perricos told the council. Perricos also reported that inspectors found Iraqi WMD and missile components shipped abroad that still contained UN inspection tags.

He said the Iraqi facilities were dismantled and sent both to Europe and around the Middle East. at the rate of about 1,000 tons of metal a month. Destionations included Jordan, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The Baghdad missile site contained a range of WMD and dual-use components, UN officials said. They included missile components, reactor vessel and fermenters – the latter required for the production of chemical and biological warheads.
"It raises the question of what happened to the dual-use equipment, where is it now and what is it being used for," Ewen Buchanan, Perricos's spokesman, said. "You can make all kinds of pharmaceutical and medicinal products with a fermenter. You can also use it to breed anthrax."

The UNMOVIC report said Iraqi missiles were dismantled and exported to such countries as Jordan, the Netherlands and Turkey. In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, an SA-2 surface-to-air missile, one of at least 12, was discovered in a junk yard, replete with UN tags. In Jordan, UN inspectors found 20 SA-2 engines as well as components for solid-fuel for missiles.

"The problem for us is that we don't know what may have passed through these yards and other yards elsewhere," Buchanan said. "We can't really assess the significance and don't know the full extent of activity that could be going on there or with others of Iraq's neighbors."

UN inspectors have assessed that the SA-2 and the short-range Al Samoud surface-to-surface missile were shipped abroad by agents of the Saddam regime. Buchanan said UNMOVIC plans to inspect other sites, including in Turkey.

In April, International Atomic Energy Agency director-general Mohammed El Baradei said material from Iraqi nuclear facilities were being smuggled out of the country.

GOP to force vote on marriage

It's nice to see that the Republican leadership is growing a pair.

Senate Republicans plan to force Democrats to choose sides on same-sex marriage by scheduling a vote on a constitutional amendment in mid-July.
Click this link to read the entire article GOP to force vote on marriage

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Real posts start back up tomorrow

I feel a top ten list starting to form.

Cute little penguins

And now something for all you animal lover Cute Little Penguins

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Militant blogs are good

Hello all. I added a new blog to the Blogs I Read section. Check it out. Sworn Enemy

Still being lazy

So until I get motivated to write a review for the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" check this site out. Rex Steele Nazi Smasher

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4 day weekend for me

I am off for a full 4 days. This is probably be my only post today. I am feeling kind of lazy. Maybe later tonight I will feel like writing something funny.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Reagans last moments

"'At the last moment, when his breathing told us this was it, he opened his eyes and looked straight at my mother.'
'Eyes that hadn't opened for days did, and they weren't chalky or vague. They were clear and blue and full of love. If a death can be lovely, his was,' Davis wrote."

Click here to read the full article My Way - News:

Great article

Reagan: A Staunch Friend of Israel

"It seems that presidents like Reagan and Bush who have a foundation in the Bible have a better understanding of what Israel's role is in the world," said Helen Freedman, the executive director of American For a Safe Israel [AFSI], based in New York City.

This is a great article click this link to read the entire piece. Reagan: A Staunch Friend of Israel

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Court Affirms Ban on School Bible Classes

A three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati agreed Monday with a February 2002 ruling by U.S. District Judge R. Allan Edgar of Chattanooga.

Edgar ruled that the Bible Education Ministry program in Rhea County violated the First Amendment's clause calling for separation of church and state.

Where in the 1st ammendment does it say anything about the seperation of church and state?
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Monday, June 07, 2004

There Are No Words.

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I love this guys work.

* Reagan was born in the year 1911, the same year my favorite gun was designed. What the hell was its name again?

* As a lifeguard in his youth, Reagan saved 77 lives while letting 12 Communists drown.

* Reagan eventually became an actor, first falling in with the left-wing Democrats. Eventually he tired of them, though, and strangled the whole lot of them.

* Reagan made one movie with a monkey which he considered the low-point of his life.

* He helped expose all the Communists in Hollywood so they could be tied to rocks and sunk to the bottom of the sea - as was the custom of the time. Only if someone would do that now.

* Reagan got to know America by wandering the country, stopping briefly in towns to right wrongs with his kung fu skills and give speeches for G.E.

* He eventually got into politics by running for governor of California. An actor as governor of California? That's crazy!

* Governor Reagan was so successful that it took until Gray Davis for Democrats to completely screw things up again.

* Reagan tried to run against Gerald Ford in 1976 for the Republican nomination for president, but in the end the Republicans thought Ford's bumblingness was the best anecdote to Carter's goofiness.

* Reagan got the Republican nomination to run against Carter in 1980 when Republicans became convinced that, if they didn't vote for him, they would hurt them.

* Most speculate the turning point in Reagan's campaign against Carter was the debate where he won the audience over with his charm by telling Carter, "There you go again," and then proceeded to beat Carter until he cried like a little girl.

* Right after Reagan became president, Iran released its hostages. Some think this may have been part of some secret deal, the deal being that, if Iran released the hostages, Reagan would not kill everyone involved in the most horrible way he could imagine.

* When Reagan was shot in 1981, it only made him angry, easily letting him put in his tax cuts through a quivering, Democrat controlled Congress.

* The weird mark on Gorbechav's head was from the first time he met with Reagan and they battled with swords. Reagan decided to spare Gorbechav's life since he deemed him a useful fool to help him in destroying the Soviet Union.

* Reagan's nemesis in Congress was Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O'Neil. Occasionally, Reagan would wait in hiding behind a bush and tackle O'Neil just to keep the bastard in line.

* Reagan's aides told Reagan not to call the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire", but Reagan couldn't help it. They were just that damn evil!

* Reagan was known for keeping jellybeans at the table during cabinet meetings. When he didn't like someone, he'd give him a special jar of jellybeans, where, with each handful of jellybeans, the victims would be getting closer and closer to the poison jellybean!

* The public was really moved by Ronald Reagan - not by him making them fear the Soviet Union but by giving the optimistic vision of what the world could be. The brilliance of the glory of this future America was so great that it caused liberals to shriek and hide in their dank caves.

* When the air traffic controllers went on strike, Reagan showed his firm resolve by trapping them in a quarry and releasing grizzly bears on them.

* When Grenada underwent a Communist coup and took American students hostage, Reagan quickly grabbed a .45, paddled a boat to Grenada, and shot all the Communists himself.

* Ronald Reagan once joked that he outlawed the Soviet Union and that "the bombing would start in five minutes." In reality, it took a half an hour to start the bombing.

* When Mondale challenged Reagan for the presidency in 1984, there were plans to make Reagan's age an issue. Reagan easily defeated that plot by saying in a debate, "I will not make age an issue in this campaign. I'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience," and then proceeding to beat Mondale until he cried like a little girl.

* Speaking of girls, the Mondale candidacy was notable for being the first with a female on the ticket. It was also notable for being the losingest campaign electoral wise by a major party, getting only 13 electoral votes with 525 for Reagan. Most news stations didn't even bothering coming up with a color to show which states Mondale won.

* The only state Mondale did win, Minnesota, eventually rejected him in a Senate bid making him the only major candidate to lose in all fifty states. Not so great a record, but what have you done of note?

* Reagan's uber-landslide victory was attributed to what were then known as "Reagan Democrats" and today are simply known as "Republicans".

* Reagan was stereotyped as being senile and falling asleep all the time, but, hey, destroying Communism is hard work.

* Reagan's tax cuts caused such an economic boom during the eighties that I got one of those Nintendo sets with the robot for Christmas.

* Reagan famously told Gorbachev to “tear down that wall” and then followed through by holding a gun to Gorbachev’s head until he chiseled down the entire Berlin Wall with an ice pick.

* There were also lots of synthesizers in music during the eighties, though Reagan's involvement with that is sketchy.

* The Soviet Union bankrupted itself trying to compete against the American's SDI, something Reagan only imagined after having some bad jellybeans.

* When it got out that Nancy Reagan consulted an astrologer, it caused great embarrassment for the White House... just as the astrologer predicted!

* During Reagan's final years, there was a scandal about arms being traded for hostages. I'm sure if the people who got the arms weren't particularly nice, though, Reagan made sure they were killed with other arms.

* Now that Reagan is in Heaven, we can be assured that, once we get there, it will be free of Commies and hippies.

A great Quote from Ronald Reagan

I hope that when you're my age you'll be able to say, as I have been able to say: we lived in freedom, we lived lives that were a statement, not an apology.

I found this letter on the net and thought I should share it.

From a USMC Captain stationed near Fallujah, on the modern-day successors to Bob Hope's USO tours:


I've finally experienced something of interest that I can write about with no concern for breaching our operational security. Recently, Ted Nugent and Toby Keith came out to Camp Fallujah as part of their multi-stop, month long USO tour. Yes, you heard it right: Ted Nugent, Mr. Cat Scratch Fever himself, and Toby Keith, America's post-9/11 Leading Country Man played to a packed house of Marines and sailors at Camp Fallujah from 2330 until
0100 the next morning. Their schedule was rigorous; before their late-night arrival, they spent the last night in Afghanistan, stopped over in Baghdad, played a show at another base, and then came out to Camp Fallujah before leaving for yet another show. When they arrived at our base, they had only slept briefly on an airplane for the past 36 hours.

In this environment overseas, it's difficult to understand what would motivate someone to travel thousands of miles and risk their lives simply to entertain. Being a natural skeptic, I figured it was mostly a publicity stunt. Now, having experienced it from the end of someone involved in the backstage planning, and having seen these guys up close and personal, I've got a different and very positive perspective.

Most of the crowd out here was interested in an opportunity to see and meet Toby Keith. It may sound funny, but sometimes I forget a bit what it's like to be a young Marine... half of these kids out here were just heading off to boot camp when Keith penned his ode to patriotism and payback "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" that received so much airplay after 9/11. For my part, I've long respected Nugent's ardent pro-American and pro-environment stances. A lover of the outdoors, Nugent has passionately lived and expressed the ideal that every human being has a moral responsibility to live their lives in order to "be the best they can be". He is often quoted saying that he expects his friends, his associates, and even his children to "live their lives like Marines." His vision of the American dream combined with his opinions and lifestyle choices made him uncommon among the Hollywood crowd over the years.

Because of his recent popularity with the younger Marines, the MEF Headquarters Group had a long list of volunteers willing to escort Toby Keith. However, only a handful of Marines - mostly the "30 or over" crowd -
had ever even heard of the guy we began simply calling "The Nuge". Since I had an interest, I became a liaison officer assisting the entourage and escorting Ted while he was onboard the Camp.

Typical of all matters involving any military operation, nothing happened according to plan. The helicopters landed in the Landing Zone (LZ) right at 2215. One problem: they were the wrong helos... the VIPs had been delayed, and nobody knew when, or if, they were coming in. One show had already been cancelled that day, and the original schedule had placed the VIP party at their overnight site by 2200. I figured they probably wouldn't show up; after all, these guys were celebrities who needed to be taken care of, right? Certainly their handlers would force them to get their beauty sleep, wouldn't they?

Around 2330, we heard the distinctive whirring of inbound helicopters, and a pair of Army Blackhawks screamed down into the LZ. In the glow of a nearly-full moon, I approached the LZ hoping these were our guys... I knew there were a couple thousand people back at one of our buildings whose morale had skyrocketed at the thought of watching the pair perform. After the LZ landed, a figure in a pair of baggy trousers, a t-shirt, and a scruffy beard jumped out of the Blackhawk and wondered out in the general direction. Even though the man wore civilian clothes, I wasn't sure if we had our team... this guy could have been a reporter, or had any number of reasons for his style of clothing. Besides, he seemed to be the only one walking off the bird. Celebrities wouldn't just stroll around in a war zone... would they? It had to be a stagehand or something.

The figure approached me in the dark and pumped my hand; in the shadows, I still couldn't see his face. "Hey man, I'm Toby Keith." Roger that. Welcome to Camp Fallujah, Mr. Keith.

Keith looked over his shoulder and gave a thumbs-up to the rest of the posse, along with the international hand-and-arm signal for "follow me"... clearly he was a driving force in the entire operation. The entourage moved off the bird and over to our escort party. The Nuge was a little further back in the crowd; we shook hands and both he and Toby immediately began engaging the Marines in photo-ops, handshakes, and we're-so-damn-proud-of-yous to the Marines standing by for security. Nobody was here to see this. There was no red carpet, no news reporters, and the Public Affairs Office hadn't started snapping their photos yet. These guys weren't looking for a photo op; they were out here standing around in shorts and t-shirts and jeans high-fiving Marines on a dusty LZ for only one reason: they cared. And it showed. Once things settled down and we were ready to drive from the LZ to the concert area, Nugent took a seat in a Humvee and I sat down next to him. We chatted briefly about a few things, but I had a bigger concern: after inquiring about the state of his hunger, it turned out The Nuge hadn't had any chow for several hours. I knew refreshments were set up at the backstage area, but I also realized these guys would be mobbed. The thing of it is... they expected it. And they really didn't care. They wouldn't sleep until 0300 at the earliest, and they knew they'd be back onstage at 0800 the next day. So, I did what any Marine of any rank would have done in the same situation: I ripped open a couple of MREs, rifled through them, and grabbed the items that were easiest to eat in a hurry.

The Nuge was impressed: "Yeah man! Improvise, adapt, and overcome, baby!!"

As a Marine, I couldn't help but enjoy being around someone whose wild side is well-advertised, but who takes such unabashed pride in pouring their heart and soul into their life. One of the doors on the Humvee kept slipping ajar, and in a move reminiscent of any Lance Corporal, Ted whipped out his Gerber multi-tool and jimmied with the hinge until it was fixed to his satisfaction. Furthermore, Ted kept telling me that if we took incoming, "my Glock 10 is loaded and I'm ready to rock and roll!" Being well inside the perimeter of our base; Nugent and his Glock 10 probably wouldn't do much against a mortar or rocket attack. I made a mental note that if anything happened, I would have to dive on top of The Nuge and pin him down, if for no other reason than to keep him from endangering my Marines or himself (rock star or not, Marines don't react well to weapons pointed in their direction).

The show itself was a huge success. Toby and "Uncle Ted" obviously enjoyed being together and playing together; Nugent wisecracked they were "just like Lennon and McCartney, only with guns!" It was amazing to see: two major stars accustomed to performing in ornate stadiums and with sound systems that would blow the ears off a dozen jumbo elephants, standing around on a bare stage with nothing but two acoustic guitars and two microphones. They hadn't showered in about three days. There was no manager, no make-up person, and no costume changes. It was clear that these two entertainers were saying thanks not only by playing for Marines, but by playing for Marines on Marine terms. They were tired, hungry, and dirty. But they were enjoying every minute of it. And so were we.

Ted and I chatted more after the show, and I got a picture snapped with him before he and Toby Keith jumped back onto the Blackhawk at 0145. Nugent isn't a man who is shy about his opinion, and even in the times when I found myself generally agreeing with his points, I could see how people who pride themselves on being refined or intellectual would be put off by his brash and aggressive nature. For me... well, Marines are aggressive by nature, and Ted fit in with our crowd just fine.

As I waved goodbye and reflected on my time with The Nuge, I realized I didn't remember much of his music. I'm sure most of his songs were grand odes to wine, women, and song. I don't know if he ever sang anything that exuded nobility. But I know this: Ted Nugent and Toby Keith earned my respect as men tonight. The pair of entertainers, their assistants, and two USO workers set foot in a war zone where anything could happen; they knew they could be attacked at any time. For these civilians, that risk was worth the reward of expressing the gratitude of America towards those sent into harm's way. They did it because they cared.

Thanks guys. You can rock and roll with us any time. But, Ted, if you plan to come back, bring a rifle instead of a Glock and stay a couple of days. It sounds to me like we need to work you into the watch rotation out on the

Semper fi,
Capt Dave"

Bookies Offer 3-1 Odds on Quick End to J-Lo Marriage

Do people actually care about this?

Remebering D-Day

Here is a wonderful quote from Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower

These men came here -- British and our allies, and Americans -- to storm these beaches for one purpose only, not to gain anything for ourselves, not to fulfill any ambitions that America had for conquest, but just to preserve freedom. . . . Many thousands of men have died for such ideals as these . . . but these young boys . . . were cut off in their prime. . . I devoutly hope that we will never again have to see such scenes as these. I think and hope, and pray, that humanity will have learned . . . we must find some way . . . to gain an eternal peace for this world.

It is eternally important that the world remembers that when we go to war it is never to conquer land for ourselves. All we have ever done is liberate, help rebuild and establish freedom then leave.

Sunday, June 06, 2004


I first became aware of Major Richard Winters from the HBO Mini Series Band of Brothers. He is a truly inspiring man. Plain and soft spoken yet powerful and determined. Major Winters will not be with us for much longer so I am compelled to ask a favor of all of you. Please help Major Richard D. Winters (ret) get the Medal of Honor that he and his men deserve, earned, and was nominated for during World War II. You can do this by contacting your U.S. Senator.

The following account describes the capture and destruction of Four German 105mm guns on the morning of D-Day in Normandy covers my memories in the events of that action.

C. Carwood Lipton
104 Selkirk Trail
Southern Pines NC 28387

The German 105mm Cannons

By about 8AM on the morning of D-Day, June 6, 1944, there were thirteen of us together from B Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. We had joined together by twos and threes following our jump into Normandy shortly after 1:30 that morning. The rest of our company was scattered over the Normandy peninsula, and it would take several days for those who had survived the jump and the combat following it to join us.

We had two officers, Lt. Winters in command and Lt. Compton; two platoon sergeants, Guarnere and I and nine men, and we had two machine guns, a 60mm mortar, and our individual weapons. We had moved along the road network, led by Lt. Winters, from the vicinity of Ste. Mere Eglise, where many of us had landed, to a small village named Le Gran Chemin, near Ste. Marie du Mont, joining up along the way with men from other companies in our Battalion and with some of our Battalion headquarters.

The entire group was stopped there by the sound of German artillery firing from a wooded hedgerow area off to the right of the road that we were on. Lt. Winters was called to Battalion and was ordered to take and destroy those guns with his company. None of us had been in combat before that day.

Lt. Winters had no time for a reconnaissance, but from his initial observation he decided that there were several guns, manned and defended by probably at least 60 men, and that the guns were well dug in and camouflaged and that there was probably a network of trenches and foxholes around them. We learned later that he was right in all these estimates and that the German forces included a number of paratroopers from the German 6th Parachute Regiment.

A frontal attack against those positions by 13 men could not succeed, but Lt. Winters confidently outlined to us his plan to deceive and defeat the German forces and to destroy the guns.

His plan was to concentrate a double envelopment attack on one gun, the one on the German left flank, and after capturing it to hit the other guns, one by one, on their open left flanks. He sent LT. Compton and Guarnere around to our left to hit the Germans on the first gun from their right front. He sent Sgt. 1~anney and me around to our right to put fire into the German positions from their left flank He set up the two machine guns in position to put heavy continuous fire into the German posi­tions from their front. He then organized and led the rest of our men in a direct assault along the hedgerow right into the German positions.

With fire into their positions from both flanks, heavy machine gun fire into their front, and LT. Winters leading an assault right into their defenses the Germans apparently felt that they were being hit by a large force Those defending the first gun broke and withdrew in disorganization to a far tree line, and that gun was in our hands.

Our attack then continued to each gun in turn from its exposed left flank. Lt winters blew out the breeches of each gun as soon as we had it with blocks of TNT. In all, the Germans lost 15 men killed three of them by LT. Winters - 12 captured, and many wounded. In E Company we had one man killed and one wounded.

These guns were sited to put artillery fire on the full expanse of Utah Beach, where the us 4th Division was coming ashore from landing craft. They had forward observers along the beach to direct the fire. The capture and destruction of the guns was a major factor in the success of the Utah landings and in the almost complete lack of casualties in that Division during its landing.

I was in many combat operations throughout the war in Europe, and, to rue, this was the most outstanding example of a combat leader reading a situation, forming a plan to overcome almost impossible odds, organizing and inspiring his men so that each one would confidently handle his part of the plan, and leading his men in the most dangerous parts of the operation

C. Carwood Lipton/J October 30, 2000

First Lieutenant Richard D. Winters, 101st Airborne Infantry Division, 506th Paratroop Regiment, E Company at the time of the Action, 06JUN44 D-Day

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The Passing Of A True American

There is nothing I can put to words that could describe the feeling of sadness in my heart right now. For me, this weekend was already going to be tuff because of the 60th anniversary of D-Day. I have always had a strong sense of connection with those men who sacrificed it all in the name of God and Country. But with the passing today of a truly great American I find myself almost in a daze. To me growing up with Ronald Reagan as president was an awe inspiring thing. His passion and unwavering devotion to the safety and well being this country will forever define his presidency. I almost feel sad for those who grew up in the era of bill clinton. It is as if those kids were robbed of the wondrous and shining example that was Ronald Reagan. He was a man of true faith. Even though he didn't wear it on his sleeve, it was evident in everything he did. Although he has been out of the public eye for some time I could still feel his presence. But alas, his time to rest has finally come. His tough battle with Alzheimer's is finally over and now he is with our Father in heaven. God Bless You Ronald Reagan.

I leave you tonight with article VI of the military code of conduct which I feel best describes the man known as the Gipper.

I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God and in the United States of America.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Here is more detail on the post before about the Student from Poway High School

Student told: 'Leave your faith in the car'
Officials suspend boy who wore T-shirt critical of homosexuality

A federal civil-rights lawsuit was filed yesterday on behalf of a Southern California high-school student who was punished for wearing a T-shirt expressing his opposition to homosexuality on a day set aside to honor the alternate lifestyle.

The Alliance Defense Fund, the legal group representing Poway High School student Chase Harper, said in a statement the young man's free-speech and religious rights were violated in April when he was suspended from school for one day for wearing the homemade T-shirt. According to the suit, a school administrator told the student: "Leave your faith in the car" when your beliefs might offend others.

"In this age of alleged tolerance, such a statement is disappointing, to put it mildly," said Robert Tyler, counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund. "Public school students don't surrender their First Amendment rights when they enter the building. When are public school officials going to learn they are not allowed to silence constitutionally protected student speech just because they disagree with the student? This is unconstitutional suppression of speech and an illegal suspension from school."

According to the complaint, Harper was pulled out of class in the morning and held in a small office for the day. His parents were finally called at the end of the school day, ADF says. Before his release, the student was questioned by a deputy sheriff, who took pictures of him and the shirt.

Harper, 16, a student in the Poway Unified School District, had hand-lettered the front of his shirt to read: "Be Ashamed" and "Our School Embraced What God Has Condemned." The back of the shirt read: "Homosexuality is Shameful" and "Romans 1:27."

The Bible verse reads, in the New American Standard version, "And in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error."

Harper wore his shirt on April 22, the "Day of Silence" sponsored by the school district's "Gay-Straight Alliance."

Religious decree excludes terrorists from Islam

Not that the blood thirsty murderers who preach and practice Radical Islam will pay any attention to this.
Religious decree excludes terrorists from Islam

KARACHI: Scholars from various religious schools of thought on Thursday decreed that any individual or group which kills innocent citizens "Muslims or non-Muslims" or attacks places of worship were excluded from Islam, and they had no right to be called Muslims.s.

The Fatwa (decree) was issued by Chairman Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Mufti Muneebur Rahman on behalf of around 24 scholars from Deobendi, Brelvi, Shia and Ahle Hadith schools of thought at a meeting at Governor’s House on Thursday. The meeting was co-chaired by Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad and Federal Religious Affairs Minister Ejazul Haq. Most participants criticised the government, interior ministry and law enforcement agencies for failing to maintaining law and order in Karachi. Allama Qanbar Abbas Naqvi, the secretary general of Shia Ulema Council Sindh, strongly criticised Aftab Sheikh, the adviser to the chief minister on home affairs, who had blamed the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) for the Haidri Mosque bombing. agencies

Writers block

I cannot remember the last time I had a problem coming up with something to write about. I guess my life must be pretty good right now since I have nothing to comment on. I do have to admit that I have not really ready a lot of news lately. I am finding very hard not to notice the insane liberal bend that permeates the mainstream media. For example, there is a High School kid who is being put through hell over a T-shirt with a scripture quote on it he wore to school during the "nation day of silence" a homosexual propaganda fest that was sanctioned by a local Poway school district. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought high school was a place to get an education not indoctrination. Why is it that the homosexual community which screams about tolerance always act like hypocrites. Tolerance is a 2 way street. If you demand it you must be willing to practice it yourself.
Hey I guess my writers block must be starting to go away.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

An new week and a new manager

Well my department started a new adventure yesterday. We have a new manager since our old one abandoned us for greener pastures(darn those higher paying better jobs). Anyways our new boss is not really new to me since I have worked with her in the past. She is one of those nice people that make coming to work enjoyable. With this change we expected our nemesis who I will refer to her as "AJ" to be in rare form, and sure enough she was. Our new boss (aka "KA") spent her entire day having an email battle with the evil one. But at the end of the day i think she survived since she showed up for work today. It never fails to amaze me how insane AJ is. I first thought she just had some sort of attitude issue, but as time went on I soon discovered that she must have an actual mental disorder(possibly requiring drugs or maybe even shock therapy to correct). So far day 2 has been pretty quiet, but it is still morning and she has 6.5 hours left to practice her brand of insanity.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The French restaurant

So it is a Saturday evening, My wife and I have been working all day. We decide to go our to dinner as a family(mainly because we are to tired to cook) to Mimi's Cafe. The dinner started off pretty normal(IE: snotty host trying to seat us at a bad table), but after are food was served it all went down hill from there. The kids and my food was alright(except rice was a over cooked mush). My wife's pot pie on the other hand did not taste good to her. When the waitress eventually came back to check on us, she asked Mrs DM if there was something wrong with her food. So my the wife politely tells her it just didn't taste good to her and before you know it the waitress is telling her "oh I need to get the manager to take care of this". Keep in mind that we have not complained or asked to speak to anyone at all. In fact the only thing we wanted then would have been more bread and drink refills. So off goes the waitress. At this point we start to think "well this is strange". A few minutes go by and along trots over one of the managers to see what was wrong. We tell him the story about the pot pie, that it is not that big of a deal and my wife asks for some more bread and drinks. The manager then tell us he will take it off the check, so we say fine. Moment later the waitress come over and gives us the check which still shows my wife meal as being charged. She notices this and make a big deal about it and takes it back. A few more minutes pass by(still no Bread and drinks) and here comes a different manager who brings back the check, asks us what happened, then takes back and crumples up the check. He proceeds to tell us that he has received several other complaint about the waitress and that our meal is free. We offer to pay for the food we ate but he insists on comping the whole meal. So finally our waitress came back to bus our table, Says something like she is sorry and does not know if she will have a job tomorrow. At this point we leave and will never go back there again. So to recap we went to get some dinner, everything was fine except for my wife's pot pie, the waitress turns it into a big deal and 2 manager later we have a free dinner. This translates into the French restaurant started a conflict then proceeded to immediately surrender. How fitting we got dinner and world a history lesson all in one.

Ten Reasons to not like Hippies

10: Tie dye shirts. Can someone please tell these people that the rest of us who are not on acid do not like them.

09: Birkenstocks. Ok these are great shoes to were to the beach or in the garden to pick vegetables or when you just have to run outside for a few minutes to feed the dogs. They should never be considered as primary footwear.

08: Women not wearing bras: Granted some young women with perfect features can make this idea look good. But I personally have not seen a good looking modern day female(or male) hippie.

07: Men with long dirty hair: Ok folks this look worked for Jesus 2000 years ago but in this century we have barbers who make a good living keeping our hair clean and trim. I'm also pretty sure that Jesus bathed more than the average hippy.

06: Constantly whining about peace: Now most people want peace and understand that sacrifices have to be made to obtain it. Hippies constantly chant, whine, and protest for it but when it comes down to actually laying down there life and fighting for it they are the first to run away and hide.

05: All modern day hippies are liberal: This one is self explanatory.

04: Eric Cartman doesn't like them: "I hate hippies because hippies suck". How can you go against the wisdom of South Park.

03: The Grateful Dead: Now come on, there is no reason for this band to be that popular.

02: Volkswagen Vans: You know the ones I'm talking about. These are some of the most environmentally unfriendly vehicles out there, but they seem to love them. So much for their earth first mantra.

01: They are smelly: Ok folks we live in the year 2004, there is no(good) reason not to take a shower or bath at least once per day. We also have this thing called deodorant, try using it once and awhile the rest of us would appreciate it.