Sunday, July 04, 2004

Blogs from Iraq

It's amazing how news through the eyes of ordinary Iraqis is such a stark contrast from what we see on the Alphabet Channels here. I was reading a story in our local newspaper The Daily Worker (aka the San Diego Union Tribune) which amazing enough was an actual piece of objective reporting. It gave sample excerpts from various Blogs written by normal Iraqis which talk about the first real hope of freedom that they have had in their entire lifetime. The stories range from The day to day challenges living in a country that had been raped for so many years, to joyful realization of the true meaning of freedom of speech. Below are some links to several of them.
Iraq The Model
Healing Iraq
Road Of A Nation
Iraq At A Glance
These are some great blogs. I would definitely recommend checking them out on a regular basis.
Click this link to read the UT story. Web logs offer different views of events in Iraq