Friday, July 02, 2004

LDS Specific Question

Brothers and sisters, why do a large group of you feel it is not right to read and listen to non LDS publications and recordings? Why do some members get all up in arms when they here that you went to a non LDS church service? There is a huge wonderful world outside of our church. I have met many wonderful people who have the blessings of God in their lives by mere faith alone. In fact there are many with the gift of prophesy that received it by Gods grace because of there faith. We find that other Christian denominations look at us with a skeptical eye because of the elitist attitude of some of our brethren. I find my self every Sabbath during sacrament meeting praying for my ward and the church that the members would give up there pridefull ways and see Gods true plan. With our organization and resources we could be an incredible ally to the rest of the Judeo/Christian community. Instead currently they view us as a cult and a hindrance. I state to you brothers and sisters that it is our duty as children of God that we change our ways from those of man(pride is a creation of man) to they way that Christ wants us to be. Open, friendly, humble, helpful, and Faithful.