Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Kids Visit Margaritaville

So do you have to pay extra for this kind of pirk?

Virginia grade schoolers accidentally served alcohol at lunch

Earlier this month, the staff, faculty, and Board of Trustees at Virginia's private Alexandria Country Day School had a Mexican-themed dinner complete with some tasty margaritas. For some reason, the leftover hooch was placed in a school refrigerator. You can probably guess what's coming next. On September 10, the booze was mistaken for "limeade" by school workers and actually served at lunch to students in the third, fourth, and fifth grades. The below letter from school head Alexander Harvey was sent home with the kids. The margarita mixup came after the school ran out of milk and apparently had no negative affect of the students, who "sipped it and said that it didn't taste good." They're young, they'll learn. An embarrassed and contrite Harvey promised that booze will now be banned on campus and all faculty parties will be held off-site.

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