Wednesday, September 29, 2004

So I'm a fanatic now?

Today during lunch me and a friend of mine were discussing the fact that we have all these television channels and nothing good to watch(at least not at noon time). During the course of the conversation I had recommended Dennis Miller's new daily TV show to him when this guy in his late fourties to early fifties piped in how he thought it was alright but he didn't like Dennis's politics. Right away this statement screamed "Liberal Hippie". Now during the course of the encounter this guy out of the blue he brings up the abortion issue. To make things clear I am not a supporter of abortions. But I am also not going to say that it needs to be banned. I believe that it is a very personal decision that is up to the individual women and is something that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. This may not be the most popular view with alot of religious people but it is the fairest way of looking at things. Before legalized abortion women were still getting the in them "back alley" clinics. This resulted in alot of problems after the procedure, so I believe it should still be legal. Ok now that I got that off my chest, there is one part about the abortion debate that I am nonflexible about. I am a strong proponent of manditory parental consent for all procedures administered to girls under the legal age of 18. There is no good argument you can give me that will change my mind so don't even try it. I believe since the minimum age to serve in the military is 17 and is a life and death decision that must have parental consent, the same should go for terminating an unborn child. So to make a long story short because of that one stipulation this "Hippie" labeled me a religious fanatic.