Wednesday, September 29, 2004

RNC Creates Web Sites to Criticize Kerry

Now this one made me chuckle. Check out the links below, they do have alot of good faith specific information.

Republicans have one message for followers of many faiths: Sen. John Kerry is wrong.

Wrong for Catholics, Mormons and Evangelicals say a number of Web sites that the Republican National Committee has created. Each Web site compiles excerpts of Kerry's comments and Senate voting record on social issues such as abortion, civil unions for same sex couples and school choice.

Some headlines on the Web site for Catholics say, "Kerry Said Vatican Should Not Instruct Catholic Politicians, Calling It 'Inappropriate'" and "Kerry Expressed 'Moral Outrage' With Vatican's Statement On Gay Marriage." Kerry is Catholic.

Kerry campaign spokesman Phil Singer said the tactic is "premised on the tactics of division, smear and insult. It's unfortunate, it's un-American and John Kerry is going to continue to make his case and make sure his record is not twisted by the Bush attack machine."

At least one religious coalition, the left-leaning Interfaith Alliance, has called the Web sites insensitive, saying the GOP is trying to interpret religious beliefs for political advantage. Interfaith Alliance president Rev. C. Weldon Gaddy called the tactic "abhorrent."

RNC spokeswoman Tara Wall said the sites are part of an effort by Republicans to reach out to diverse groups.


Click here to see the source. RNC Creates Web Sites to Criticize Kerry