Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Ten Reasons to not like Hippies

10: Tie dye shirts. Can someone please tell these people that the rest of us who are not on acid do not like them.

09: Birkenstocks. Ok these are great shoes to were to the beach or in the garden to pick vegetables or when you just have to run outside for a few minutes to feed the dogs. They should never be considered as primary footwear.

08: Women not wearing bras: Granted some young women with perfect features can make this idea look good. But I personally have not seen a good looking modern day female(or male) hippie.

07: Men with long dirty hair: Ok folks this look worked for Jesus 2000 years ago but in this century we have barbers who make a good living keeping our hair clean and trim. I'm also pretty sure that Jesus bathed more than the average hippy.

06: Constantly whining about peace: Now most people want peace and understand that sacrifices have to be made to obtain it. Hippies constantly chant, whine, and protest for it but when it comes down to actually laying down there life and fighting for it they are the first to run away and hide.

05: All modern day hippies are liberal: This one is self explanatory.

04: Eric Cartman doesn't like them: "I hate hippies because hippies suck". How can you go against the wisdom of South Park.

03: The Grateful Dead: Now come on, there is no reason for this band to be that popular.

02: Volkswagen Vans: You know the ones I'm talking about. These are some of the most environmentally unfriendly vehicles out there, but they seem to love them. So much for their earth first mantra.

01: They are smelly: Ok folks we live in the year 2004, there is no(good) reason not to take a shower or bath at least once per day. We also have this thing called deodorant, try using it once and awhile the rest of us would appreciate it.


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