Monday, June 28, 2004

It's not always easy

I know it's a very open statement but it does have a purpose. Today I want to talk about my favorite subject, PRAYER. This is a word/idea/concept that causes great confusion in most people. When in reality it has such a simple meaning and purpose.

1. Prayer is the best way to thank God for all of the wonderfull blessings he gives us.

2. It also can serve as a way to calm us(It's really hard to talk to God in a snotty pissed of tone).

3. It's part of the Torah that we as Judeo Christrians should live by.

4. Only through faith filled prayer will you ever be able to receive the blessings of having them answered.

Now pay attention boys and girls this one is the most important.
5. It's not how you do it or what you say. You just need to do it in faith.

Alot of people pray all the time and never realize that you have to have FAITH that your prayers will be answered and be open to Gods response in whatever form it may come in.


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