Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The French restaurant

So it is a Saturday evening, My wife and I have been working all day. We decide to go our to dinner as a family(mainly because we are to tired to cook) to Mimi's Cafe. The dinner started off pretty normal(IE: snotty host trying to seat us at a bad table), but after are food was served it all went down hill from there. The kids and my food was alright(except rice was a over cooked mush). My wife's pot pie on the other hand did not taste good to her. When the waitress eventually came back to check on us, she asked Mrs DM if there was something wrong with her food. So my the wife politely tells her it just didn't taste good to her and before you know it the waitress is telling her "oh I need to get the manager to take care of this". Keep in mind that we have not complained or asked to speak to anyone at all. In fact the only thing we wanted then would have been more bread and drink refills. So off goes the waitress. At this point we start to think "well this is strange". A few minutes go by and along trots over one of the managers to see what was wrong. We tell him the story about the pot pie, that it is not that big of a deal and my wife asks for some more bread and drinks. The manager then tell us he will take it off the check, so we say fine. Moment later the waitress come over and gives us the check which still shows my wife meal as being charged. She notices this and make a big deal about it and takes it back. A few more minutes pass by(still no Bread and drinks) and here comes a different manager who brings back the check, asks us what happened, then takes back and crumples up the check. He proceeds to tell us that he has received several other complaint about the waitress and that our meal is free. We offer to pay for the food we ate but he insists on comping the whole meal. So finally our waitress came back to bus our table, Says something like she is sorry and does not know if she will have a job tomorrow. At this point we leave and will never go back there again. So to recap we went to get some dinner, everything was fine except for my wife's pot pie, the waitress turns it into a big deal and 2 manager later we have a free dinner. This translates into the French restaurant started a conflict then proceeded to immediately surrender. How fitting we got dinner and world a history lesson all in one.