Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Well what can I say about this film. It is a blatant political piece from the environmental hippie left, from it's proclaiming of the virtues of the Kyoto Accord, to the main character's daily driver car being a hybrid. That being said, The movie on a pure entertainment platform is actually enjoyable. Like I stated TDAT is loaded with environmentalists propaganda but if you can look past this the movie is a great way to kill sometime. The production value is very high. The CG affects used were incredible. The only real flaws were the part with the wolves(It almost felt like they were put in as filler), and the character development was rushed. The producers also cast the white house staff as a caricature of our current administration. This I feel took away some of the valid info that we are heading in to another ice age. But the reasons they give for the freezing leaves out the fact the this happens every 10,000 years on this planet and there is nothing we can do to delay or stop it. One bright note to the film is that it further deepened my resolve to eventually move to Texas. This state was one of the safe points in the country according to the film. One other really nice thing is that the film makers didn't fill the dialog up with a ton of profanity. In fact I am having a hard time remembering any place where there was profane language. This is definitely not a film for the whole family, simply because the subject matter might freak out younger kids. But all in all I can recommend it to everyone.