Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ok I'm back

Darn I have been lazy. Well actually I have been pretty busy. I Finally got dunked and confirmed so now I have "Grade A" official status as a church member. Nothing has really changed that much though. I still pray the same amount of times weekly, and they still get answered(I must be spoiled or something). The people who liked and didn't like me before still feel the same way they have for the 10 months I've been attending. So basically the only thing that is different is that tonight I have a meeting with the bishop and he will probably hit me up for a calling. I definitely need to lay down the rules on that subject. I will only take a leadership or higher teaching position. My time is too important to waste on anything else and the ward calling enforcer/intimidator already knows he has no power over me. This may sound heartless, but the scriptures constantly teach us that we must make sure things in our own house are in order before we go out and try to help out the world.


Anonymous said...

I just read your comments regarding your joining the Church and especially would like to reply to your remark about only being willing to accept a leadership position or higher teaching calling.

If you deem your time too important to accept a "regular" calling, you are missing the whole point of Church service. It's not in what position we serve, it's -how- we serve. It really is!

You have much to learn, but taking a position that signals snobbishness and exxagerated self-importance will not add to your spiritual growth and those around you will not be fooled. I urge you to seek to be humble and to seek to serve your Savior (yes, you too need one) as you are given callings to serve -- not as an egocentric who feels he's "better" than the common Church member and that certain callings are beneath him. Submit the idea to prayer and quietly wait for the answer....

I wish you success in your progress as a servant of the Master. When we reflect on what He has done for us, it helps us reorder our own priorities.

The Formerely Dry Mormon said...

Per the Torah and the New Testament A fathers single most important duty is to his family. Maybe I should have clarified my way of thinking a little better it that is the case I am sorry. If not then you are the one who needs to seek some clarity. By the way I was called to a leadership position. So apparently My way of thinking and God's plan are in sync.