Thursday, August 12, 2004

China detains over 100 evangelical leaders

The next time you are asked to help do some missionary work in your community, think about how lucky we are to live in this free country. Whether your a member of the LDS Church or any other Evangelical Christian faith, we need to take every opportunity to spread the word of Christ. Please take the time to read this article.

BEIJING, China: The Voice Of the Martyrs, an international Christian human rights watchdog, urged China yesterday to release over 100 house church leaders who it said were rounded up last week by security forces as part of an ongoing government-led crack down on evangelical Christians.
We encourage Christians to write to the Chinese embassy in their respective country protesting this action against their citizens, the third such police operation within two months, said VOM, which has close ties with persecuted believers.

Click on this link to read the entire story. China detains over 100 evangelical leaders


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