Monday, August 02, 2004


Kerry was treating running mate Sen. John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, to a Wendys lunch in Newburgh, N.Y., for their 27th wedding anniversary : an Edwards family tradition : when the candidate approached four Marines and asked them questions.

The Marines : two in uniform and two off duty : were polite but curt while chatting with Kerry, answering most of his questions with a yes, sir or no, sir.

But they turned downright nasty after the Massachusetts senator thanked them for their service and left.

He imposed on us and I disagree with him coming over here shaking our hands, one Marine said, adding, I'm 100 percent against him.

A sergeant with 10 years of service under his belt said, I speak for all of us. We think that we are doing the right thing in Iraq, before saying he is to be deployed there in a few weeks and is eager to go and serve.

Click the link below to read the whole story DEM'S MARINE MISFIRE

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