Sunday, August 01, 2004

On a personal note

I have to say this was a pretty good Sunday Sabbath. We spent the morning at church and then the afternoon was uneventful and lazy. Church was both uplifting and bitter sweet. Normally fast and testimony Sunday is a test in patience with most everyone spouting off in the usual LDS culture driven way. But today was a nice mix of the youth and adults with a nice message theme of temple work and faith. Elders Quorum was also kind of a breath of fresh air. We have finally arrived at a point where the large majority of us are more mindfull of things that are scriptually based then driven by the evolution of Mormon social trends. Unfortunately with all good news comes some bad. One of my favorite brethren, Brother Fraiser is moving the week of the ninth to Utah. I am happy that now he can afford to buy his own home but I also worry that his work in the church is going to be very difficult. He will be up against entrenched culture based opposition of thoroughly brainwashed life long members. But I know God has a plan for him and he will be protected and edified when needed. Well that's enough rambling for the moment. I need to get back to having my son beat me severly in Soul Caliber II.