Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A shameless plug for Blackwater USA

Dramatic video of Iraqi ambushSee attack on U.S. vehicle on Baghdad street

WorldNetDaily has obtained dramatic video footage of an unsuccessful ambush on a U.S. convoy escorting undisclosed VIPs. (Note: Video contains profane and obscene language. Disabling of ad-blocking software may be necessary to view clip.)

The video clip shows grenades exploding in front of a private security vehicle and return gunfire is heard in response to the attack. A still photograph, taken after the attack, shows the damage to the vehicle, operated by Blackwater USA, the private security outfit hired by the State Department for such security detail missions.
SUV damaged in Baghdad ambush.
These private security teams protect and escort civilian leaders, such as Secretary of State Colin Powell and other members of the State Department team.
In this case, a military escort is also provided and leads the civilian car back to the safety of the Green Zone.
Blackwater USA uses armored SUVs and heavily armed bodyguards.
A total of four grenades explode in this video. The gunfire heard is largely from U.S. military forces providing cover for the escape.
The attack took place about two weeks ago on Haifa Street in Baghdad.
Since January, U.S. forces in Baghdad have experienced the following, according to information obtained by WND:
51 car bombs
1291 IEDs (attacks with improvised explosive devices)
759 small arms attacks
198 rocket attacks
102 indirect fire attacks (different than rocket or mortar)
529 mortar rounds fired on U.S. facilities
2,382 attacks on coalition
512 attacks on convoys
132 accidents
See the video.

Click here to see the source Dramatic video
of Iraqi ambush

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