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Another great post from our friends at Right Nation.US

Why Can't I have My Body of Christ and Eat It, Too?

Or, What Makes 48 Democrats and John Kerry Squeal Like Little Piggies!

My parents used to be Democrats. Until the Democrats started taxing the hell out of everybody and throwing the money away on stuff like welfare. Then they voted Republican. But my whole life, they were always Catholics. So am I.

One thing I like about the Catholic Church is that there is a doctrine, a set of beliefs that lets you know where Rome stands on things. Some people say you don't have to have a brain to be Catholic because they tell you what to believe, but I enjoy the consistency of it all. You can choose to believe it or choose not to. Love it or leave it, you are free to do either, but for 2000 years the rules have been crystalline clear.

Particularly as regards to abortion.

But if you're a Democratic politician, you're going to rip a page out of the Clintonian Dictionary just to see if the word "NO" is spelled "R-A-T-I-O-N-A-L-I-Z-E."

Reading about the 48 Catholic Democrats who drafted a letter of protest to the Bishop of Washington, DC just brought a sad smile to my face. Seems they just can't figure out why some bishops of the Church are going to deny them Holy Communion when they vote for abortions. Here's a taste of what they wrote...

"We do not believe it is our role to legislate the teachings of the Catholic Church,"... "For any of us to be singled out by any bishop by the refusal of communion or other public criticism because we vote in what we believe are the requirements of the United States Constitution and laws of our country, which we are sworn to uphold, is deeply hurtful."
Wow. Spin. Spin. Spin. See the Spin?

"We do not believe it is our role to legislate the teachings of the Catholic Church, etc...." That's called "Shifting the Focus."

The Church isn't telling these people to turn RCC teaching into American law. She is simply telling them that their support for Abortion is incompatible with Church morality. As such, and by supporting Abortion (which the RCC recognizes as a moral evil), they are placing themselves in a position of grave error.

Or how about another example from Spin City...

..."For many years Catholics were denied public office by voters who feared that they would take direction from the pope," they wrote. "While that type of paranoid anti-Catholicism seems to be a thing of the past, attempts by church leaders today to influence votes by the threat of withholding a sacrament will revive latent anti-Catholic prejudice, which so many of us have worked so hard to overcome."
Gee, the wordsmiths of the Democratic Party must've beamed with pride over that one, but as pretty as it reads it still smells like crap.

"...Attempts by church leaders today to influence votes" is just another way of saying We'd Better Fight a Truth With a Lie, Because They've Got Us Cold On This One.

And it means this because, again, our Democratic friends are shifting the focus from what the Church is saying, to a fabrication of what they want to claim it is saying.

Rome isn't trying to coerce these people into voting against abortion, it's simply saying that if you do vote for abortion, you are at odds with the Church in which you claim membership. And if you support abortion, you are guilty of mortal sin. And if you are guilty of mortal sin, you are supposed to abstain from taking Communion until you have been absolved of said mortal sin. Very simple. Very concise. For 2000 years.

In 1995, JP2 clearly stated that the Church’s teaching on abortion "is unchanged and unchangeable. . . . I declare that direct abortion, that is, abortion willed as an end or as a means, always constitutes a grave moral disorder, since it is the deliberate killing of an innocent human being. No circumstance, no purpose, no law whatsoever can ever make licit an act which is intrinsically illicit, since it is contrary to the law of God which is written in every human heart, knowable by reason itself, and proclaimed by the Church" (Evangelium Vitae 62).

So. Abortion constitutes a grave moral disorder which no law can ever make licit. And a mortal sin is any sin whose matter is grave and which has been committed willfully with knowledge of the seriousness. Such "grave" matters include murder, for example, or receiving or participating in abortion. (

Now, to receive communion, the Catholic must be in a state of grace. That is, he/she must not be tainted by the commission of a mortal sin since the time of the last confession.

So, if our Catholic Democratic legislators are actively working to support and pass laws of an illicit nature, and according to the Pope such abortion rights laws are, then they are certainly guilty of participating in abortions by "legitimizing" them and making them accessible and plentiful.

And since they are participating in abortions, then they are suffering in a state of mortal sin. And, so of course, if they are suffering from a state of mortal sin, they cannot be in a state of grace, and so therefore, cannot take Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.

It's interesting to note, however, that in withholding Communion from a John Kerry, for example, the Bishop does him a favor by preventing him from compounding one mortal sin with another, since to take communion outside of a state of grace is, you guessed it, another mortal sin.

Now you might say what a load of convoluted hogwash all this is, or what a bunch of hypocrisy by a Church currently mired in a sex scandal, but the fact remains that our Democratic friends are not in good standing with the Church they call home, and are in fact, working to provide a service that directly contradicts the morals of the RCC.

So, whether you care about what the Catholics believe or not is immaterial.

What you should care about, however, is that these 48 Democrats and John Kerry are more than happy to subordinate their core values in order to enjoy the luxuries of political office. Because I doubt Any person of Any faith of Any integrity would put Country before God, and I think that if these people had other motives for protesting to the Church, besides Career, the contradiction in their actions would be self-evident.

Clearly, if Who you are is not as important as What you are, and if Politics and Church cannot co-exist within the same body, then our 48+1 have a choice to make: Either find another job or keep the one you have.

And if you are going to keep the one you have, then Shut the Hell Up and Quit Bitching About Not Getting Your Communion.

It is bad enough, from a Catholic's point of view, to see other members of the Church supporting Abortion. But it is certainly a pathetic sight to watch them squeal in protest like little piggies when they are called to choose between their Faith and their Job.

Buckwheat Jones | May 21, 04 | 2:30 pm

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