Friday, May 14, 2004

As my world turns.

This past week I find myself feeling distant from the normal activities in my life. I find myself torn between the wonderful life I have and this burning urge to sign up for military service in The Marine Corp Reserves(always been partial to the Marines, after all they are the nations 911 force). Coming from a Law Enforcement environment that seemed to surround me when I was growing up. I have always felt an urge to serve in the Armed Forces but I never really acted on it. Maybe it was the fact that I fell in love with my wife and I married young. Or the fact that we started having kids right away, I don't know. But lately it has really been bothering me that I never enlisted. This is probably going to be a big surprise to my wife since I gave her the URL to my blog today, and she will be hearing this for the first time. To my wife: Don't worry I am not going to run off and enlist. But It is bothering me that I am not doing enough to help out in this (Justified and righteous)war. I try to stay vocal and defend our military and our commander and chief. It just doesn't feel like enough. Oh well I am now just rambling. Maybe I will post something more pertinent later.


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