Thursday, May 13, 2004

The start of something new.

Well I've been threatening to start my own blog for awhile now and after reading an article on Yahoo news about I finally broke down and did it. To give you some history, my original idea for my blog was going to be attached to a website I have been working on for about a year. But after seeing how easy it was to create and maintain it through this option I chose the easy way out(I can be lazy like that once in awhile). In the future I will be ranting and raving about current events, the weirdness which is my family, and the absolute comedy which is otherwise known as my job. Well I'm done for now. Until next time.


katblogger said...

Way to go and good luck. I started my blog yesterday. It too will be a daily rant on my world. As I was browsing the other blogs and trying to figure out how it all works - I ended up here. Thanks. :-)

The Formerely Dry Mormon said...

Thanks for stoping by I will try to make it interesting. Alot of what I will post about my job will be realtime when it happens. It should make for some funny reading.