Friday, May 14, 2004

Update regarding the Hippy teacher

The following is an statement from the Rick Roberts Show who broke the story 1st.


"If they won't show the video of Nick Berg on TV, how dare they show it to unsuspecting students in Grossmont High Schools!" - Rick Roberts


This morning Rick Roberts took a call from a very upset Mom named Carol. Carol told all of San Diego that her 16 year old daughter was shown the video of Nick Berg's decapitation in her photography class at El Capitan High School! And if that wasn't bad enough, Carol said the Photography teacher at El Capitan said "Well, that's what we get for going to war" to her students after they saw the video. No parents or students were told that this was going to happen.

After Carol's call, The Rick Roberts Show took a call from Phil. Phil was a very upset dad whose son was in his History class at Grossmont High School when the teacher walked into the room and showed a still picture of Nick Berg's head being held up by the terrorist that had just murdered him. Phil told Rick and his audience that the teacher said "Hey! Look what I have for you!" The teacher then proceeded to play the audio of Nick Berg's beheading to his classroom full of 17 and 18 year old students. No parents or students were told that this was going to happen.

The Rick Roberts Show contacted The Grossmont Union School District Superintendent Dr. Terry Ryan and told him of the outrageous behavior of these 2 teachers. Dr. Ryan, much to his credit, came on the air with Rick and broke the news that both teachers are under investigation and if the events happened as stated that the School District will not stand for this. Dr. Ryan said " I didn't even watch the video. I don't want any student being forced to watch it!"

We at The Rick Roberts Show are very proud of the immediate action that Dr. Ryan displayed on the show. The two teachers have been taken out of their classrooms pending the full investigation. Internet access at one of the schools has been suspended.

Unfortunately, we believe these two teachers are only the tip of the iceberg. We have heard of 2 other schools that may have played the video or showed still pictures of Nick's brutal death. When we confirm the school names, we will let you know on Monday's show."

You better believe I will be listening on Monday.