Friday, May 14, 2004

What the heck happened to our schools!

This morning on the way to "The Job" I was listening to the Rick Roberts Show. One of the callers was a woman from the Santee or Lakeside area who's daughter had to report her English teacher to school authorities. This "Hippy"(that is the name I give to all liberals) decided to show the Nick Berg Traditional Islamic execution to her class. Afterward she preached to them that is the reason why we should not go to war. Now needless to say I was a bit irate when I heard this. First of all she is an English teacher, and the last time I checked world current events was not part of that curriculum. Second the classroom is no place for her own (sick, debase, warped, and treasonous) political opinions to be voiced. These are, are kids that are being subject to this forced liberal indoctrination. I for one am glad that my kids are being home schooled.